Thursday, September 5, 2013

Becoming Beautiful

"Who told you that you were naked?"
--God to Adam, Genesis 3:11

The things we’re most afraid of and, so, the things we shrink and hide from, are often the times and situations in which we are most exposed and vulnerable. We might throw out a prayer in such times of desperation, but rarely do we genuinely seek God’s presence to unite with us and God’s power to strengthen us. Pity.

It is a tragedy that the times of fear and vulnerability are when we grab more desperately for control and for cover. Because it is in these exact moments of exposure that we could be experiencing unparalleled intimacy with the God who crowns us with the beauty of holiness.

It is in those moments, if not for our self-consciousness, that we have a significant opportunity to shine God’s light and to show forth God’s presence. And isn’t that what we need the most at such times, God’s light and assuring presence? Indeed, if we’re doing it right, it is not only the regular habits of devotion that grow us.

It is when we are desperately seeking, squinting in the dark, that we will find. It is when we are running through unfamiliar streets, breathlessly pounding and banging, that the door is opened. It is when we stop asking for enough just to get by, and boldly demand nothing other than God's kingdom, that it is given to us.

This is as it should be. Often we must exhaust ourselves. Certainly we can exercise the will to abandon fear and distractions. But sometimes life just strips us. And that’s when we could truly become beautiful. For when we are exposed, it is not our nakedness that others will see, but the raw brightness of God.

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