Monday, September 9, 2013

Room Enough in Grace

The grace of God is a space so vast, a wilderness so wide, an ocean so deep, we dare not enter it. Where to begin? God’s grace is a world so big—and we’re so small in it—we just don’t know what to do with ourselves.

The bright horizon of God’s grace is so broad and far that we often refuse it. We turn aside to self-loathing or doubt or fear. We retreat to a past whose ghosts torment us, but whose terrain is at least familiar. We reduce the expanse of God’s grace into something we can manage, drawing borderlines and building walls.

For what else can we do with something so lovely, so big, so frighteningly uncontrollable? And that’s just it: we can’t do anything to it. We simply must fall into it…begin to walk, explore, live into the inexhaustible vastness of God’s grace. I am here. You are here. Others are here too. And still more should come. A life so big requires us to grow into it. There’s room enough.

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