Tuesday, December 11, 2012

...The Journey Continues

...continued from The Journey of a Lifetime

As we move from darkness to light, from sight to faith, and from wandering to direction, a strange thing happens. Instead of looking to the horizon for the coming King, we turn and see that he has been journeying with us the whole way.

He filled in the Valley. He taught us care and compassion and showed us that God is a God of Promise. He brought us into the light and made us Hopeful.

He brought down the Mountains. He exercised authority, often in miraculous ways, and showed us that God is a God of Power. He showed himself faithful and made us Humble.

He straightened and smoothed the Crooked Road. He freed us from slavery to sin, raised us from death to life, and showed us a God of Purpose. He directed us to the Father and made us Holy.

But the quest is just beginning. Advent is the beginning of a new year, new adventures, about which we presently have no idea. Be sure, we are on a journey no matter what. In light or in darkness, by sight or by faith, haphazard or purposeful, on we march. We follow one king or another, building one kingdom or another, the barren wilderness of our lives flooded and blooming or cracked and dying.

And the quest continues as we—people of Hope, Humility, and Holiness following after the God of Promise, Power, and Purpose—become so like our King that others can’t help but join us. We sing songs of King and kingdom around the banquet table, feasting on bread and wine—on flesh and blood. We don the armor of God, take in hand the sword of the Spirit, and we set out on our winter campaign, ever onward…until all flesh shall see the salvation of our God.

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