Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Deep Art of Easter

The summer movie season is already upon us. I heard a movie critic say Hollywood is starting summer earlier in order to prolong the huge box office profits. What this largely looks like is loud, big-budget superhero and sci-fi blockbusters. Captain America and Spiderman are already out, and more Avengers, X-Men, and Transformers will be visiting soon. Interspersed among these will be the quieter, some would say deeper films.

A key difference between the blockbusters and the deeper films is whether or not they stay with us. So called “high art” typically has us wrestling with its meaning long after our initial exposure to it. These are the movies that get to us, that we’re still wrestling with the next day or next week or for the rest of our lives. On the contrary, lower or pop art is typically good for a couple hours of blow-em-up escapism and then we’re done with it.

Mark’s telling of Jesus’ resurrection is art of the highest order. More than this, the resurrection itself is of such complexity and beauty and power that we spend the rest of eternity working out what it means for our lives and for the world. We think the resurrection gives us answers. But it really leaves us with more questions.

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