Thursday, August 15, 2013

Life On the Sun

There’s a speed involved in balance, and it is not fast. Fast is what happens from the outside, forces beyond us that push and prod and rush us along. All the more reason for us to, as Dallas Willard phrased it, “ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your life.”

The speed of the balanced life with God is unhurried, steady. It does not panic and push. What needs to happen will happen when and as it needs to happen. And, to the extent that we pace ourselves with God, we will play the part that we need to play, and experience and receive what we need…in the speed and manner with which we need. Just walk with God. Join Jesus in his work. Breathe with God's Spirit.

There is also, of course, an order involved in balance. God is like a sun around which revolve the planets of a balanced life—family and friends, worship, vocation, hobbies. If we are living in unity with God, the sun, then the different planets move in God’s order and balance around one’s life joined with God. Attention is given to the necessary degree based on the orbit and rhythm of life with God—natural, deliberate, unhurried, effective, joyful.

If, again, we get panicked and try to spin and move things faster, we get attached to one planet and we swing away from God, the sun and ordered center. Then our whole perspective is out of whack because a planet (an aspect of life) has become our sun, our center.

There is a time (and order) for everything under (and around) the sun.

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