Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wandering In the New Creation, Part 2

...continued from Part 1

Maybe we don’t realize that the new creation started on that first Easter morning. Maybe we don’t want to realize it. Maybe right now is the first you’ve heard of it, and maybe later you’ll wish you hadn’t. Living in the present reality of the new creation means we don’t get to just shake our heads at those poor, lost sinners while we hide together and sing songs about flying away from it all. And living in the new creation means we don’t get to turn the church into a club of do-gooders without any real change within ourselves. No, if the new creation has begun—or more, if we’re two thousand years into it!—then we’re on the hook. Things should be different, starting with us.

Clueless and gasless and heading for Mexico, I finally decided I would take the next road that went east. “Texas is a big place,” I thought, “and even though I don’t know where I am, if I just start heading east maybe I’ll get there eventually.” I made it up into the distant eastern hills and basically coasted down, and there I happened upon a little town. In my troubled mind it was Bethlehem housing the hope of my mobile world. I rolled into the quickie mart on fumes, filled up, bought a map, and got myself back on track and eventually back to Texas.

The world is too small and fractured not 
to carry it into that something beyond.

It’s time to turn east (so to speak). Life is too short and narrow not to step into something beyond our little circumstances. And the world is too small and fractured not to carry it with us into that something beyond. Don’t we want to leave a legacy of holiness for the next generations beyond just do dress nice for Sunday school and don’t curse or chew or go with girls that do; do support the right political party and don’t have a beer in your fridge or cable on your TV; do love the sinner but hate the sin and don’t associate with the wrong sorts of people; or whatever little holy lists we make up? 

Don’t we want to be the kind of people through whom God’s kingdom is coming on earth as it is in heaven? In short, don’t we want to be spittin’-image, chip-off-the-ol’-block offspring of God? If so, then it starts right here, right now, inside each of us—struggling wanderers filled with the power of perfect love, the power to become children of God.

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