Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Monarch

All these Monarch butterflies are graceful, autumn-colored reminders to let the Wind of God move us as he pleases. It is for his good pleasure that all has been made, including us. And it pleases our Father to give the kingdom to his little ones.

Why do we ever doubt such a Creator, who wants nothing but our good--more good than we can ever desire or create for ourselves? Yet we wrestle and insist that we know better, that we can do better. Fear sometimes drives us--sometimes pride, certainly doubt. But it's always the case that we don't even know what to desire, much less how to get it. We don't know how to take a punch. We don't know how to die.

But the Wind moves. Not an impersonal force, but the very Breath of God filling our blackening spiritual lungs with nothing less than God himself. We are to be one. This circumstance, that challenge, this opportunity, that intersection of our dreams and God's plans. If we will move with the Wind--through, around, within, above--we will experience it all...or at least enough. If we resist, we are grasping and the Wind. Much better to fly--like the Monarch.

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